Be connected to your car. Discover ‘mbrace’ by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz mbrace can make any trip easier, more productive and more enjoyable. It brings the Internet to your dashboard. Connects you to your car from your smartphone or computer. And brings you a world of convenience and security.

Emergency help when you call for it, or even if you can’t.

You can’t plan for an accident, but you can be prepared. With mbrace, trained specialists are as close as the SOS button in your car if you ever need help or see someone else who does. And if an air bag or seat-belt tensioner is activated, your Mercedes-Benz can even place the call for you, to report the incident and your location automatically.

Put your mind at rest when your kids leave the nest.

When your teenagers start driving, you want to give them all the protection you can. That’s why you send them off in the family Mercedes-Benz, and why you have mbrace. Even if they forget to check in, you can help make sure they stay out of harm’s way without intruding in their lives. With mbrace you can set up driving zones online, and be alerted if a speed you select is exceeded or a boundary is crossed.

First-aid for your car, from the leader in Roadside Assistance.

Mercedes-Benz was the first manufacturer to offer its own Roadside Assistance. With mbrace, it’s easy to summon our trained technicians right to your location, from the i-Button in your car or the mbrace Mobile App. If you have a dead battery, a flat tire, need a tow, or just want to know what a warning light means or how to operate a feature, a helpful voice is only a button press away. Your car can even transmit its location, model and color automatically.

Out of sight, peace of mind.

As appealing as your Mercedes-Benz is to you, would-be thieves and exuberant valets might find it far less tempting if they know mbrace is on duty. Valet Protect lets you set up virtual boundaries on your smartphone, and be notified if the car crosses them. If its alarm goes off, mbrace can let you know via a phone call, a text or an email. And should your Mercedes-Benz take off without you, its built-in GPS system can help police track it and recover it.

The most enjoyable drive begins on your desktop.

With Send2Benz™, mbrace lets you find a destination on your computer and upload it directly to your car’s navigation system. From Google Maps™, the Search & Send™ and Route2Benz features let you send an address, or even an exact route you choose. There’s also a toolbar widget you can download that lets you highlight virtually any address on your computer screen and send it to your car with two clicks.

When you’re on the go, the Mobile App keeps you moving.

With the mbrace Mobile App on your iPhone® or Android™ phone, the convenience of Send2Benz is in your pocket. It lets you send the address of a point of interest, or even someone in your own contacts, directly to your navigation system. And if you need to pick someone up, Drive2Friend lets them transmit their location to your car simply by replying to a text message you send them. The Mobile App also helps you find your way back to your car, letting you pinpoint it on a map if you can’t remember where you parked.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Beyond allowing you to perform a check of your vehicle’s main systems remotely, mbrace2 technology can automatically alert both you and your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer to potential issues before they become full-fledged problems. In addition, it enables your vehicle to receive software updates wirelessly through the mbrace2 network.

Like keeping your car in your pocket. Only more comfortable.

Forget where you parked at the mall? Your Mercedes-Benz can show you on a map. Not sure if you locked the doors? Tap, touch, done. With the mbrace Mobile App’s remote vehicle controls, peace of mind is as close as your smartphone. You can even sound the horn. Or lock and unlock it from the Web or with a phone call to mbrace.

Your round-the-clock Concierge with round-the-world connections.

If your Mercedes-Benz can get you there, mbrace can get you in. From a table at that hot new restaurant to tickets to a sought-after show, you’ve got aConcierge with connections. Traveling out of town? Let us book your flights, hotel and rental car. And that’s only the basics. Wherever you are, with virtually any kind of request, our experts aren’t just resourceful and helpful, they’re ready and waiting.

A world of convenience in the palm of your hand.

When you’re away from your car, the mbrace Mobile App helps you stay connected from your iPhone® or Android™ phone. You can send an addressfrom Google Maps™ to your navigation system, find the nearest dealer, learn about your car’s features, or connect with our Concierge team, all from one app.

A virtual co-pilot that’s a real, live person.

Finding your way in an unfamiliar area can be challenging. But with just a push of a button, you can connect to a helpful mbrace specialist who’ll know where you are, and can help you find a local store, a restaurant, or any of millions of destinations. The specialist can download the address right to your car’s navigation system, or stay on the line and personally guide you, turn-by-turn, until you arrive.

Know what’s ahead, and how to get around it.

Even your Mercedes-Benz can’t control every condition on the road. But mbrace gives you an edge on traffic and weather, with voice-delivered reports at the touch of a button in your car. Forecasts, reports and alerts are based on your present location, and you can personalize favorite routes online and choose the quickest alternate based on the latest conditions.

A growing array of Internet-based apps help you stay in touch and up-to-date.

The second generation of mbrace® brings the power of the Internet to the COMAND system in your Mercedes-Benz. An ever-growing variety of apps help you stay connected to the world you call your own, from news and information to your friends on Facebook. They’ve all been specially designed to minimize driver distraction and simplify driving-related tasks like navigation. And since they can be updated over the air, your mbrace system keeps pace with your changing world.

A powerful new engine in your Mercedes-Benz: Google Local Search.

You already rely on Google’s reliable and virtually unlimited search capabilities on your computer and smartphone. Now you can have the same power in your car. Search for any destination on the Web and navigate directly to it, or save it for later. Call the number in the listing. And see photos of where you’re going on the in-dash screen, before you even start your journey.

Hungry on the road? Get advice from the locals.

With candid reviews from actual customers, Yelp offers a uniquely convenient way to find a place to eat, from fine dining to a quick meal on the road. Yelp also offers reviews in hundreds of other business categories, all searchable by your location, route or destination. And mbrace2 makes getting there easier, too. There’s no need to enter an address. Just pick a place and be on your way.

Jamey Mikkelson takes the GOLD, Meet our “Michael Phelps” of Mercedes-Benz Service

Carousel Motors would like to salute Jamey Mikkelson for his GOLD victory at The Mercedes-Benz Stars of Service Championships. It’s Mercedes-Benz version of the Olympics!

The Mercedes-Benz Stars of Service Championships is a multi-level national competition sponsored by Mercedes-Benz USA to identify the technicians and service advisors best suited to demonstrate world-class knowledge, skills, and teamwork.

Carousel Motors Mercedes-Benz Master Technician, Jamey Mikkelson, won the Local Quarter finals and advanced to the Regional Semi-Finals. He won Regional and moved on to National where he was placed in the Top 40 (out of 2000 participants).  Can we say he’s one of the best in the nation? We think so! And he can be found RIGHT HERE at your local Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

These Top 40 technicians have demonstrated delivering the promise of “the best or nothing” day-in and day-out for their customers. By consistently delivering excellence in teamwork, expertise, and shared passion for Mercedes-Benz, he will continue to inspire the high standards we set in customer service. Congrats to Jamey Mikkelson!

Jamey will be rewarded with a trip to Germany with other top technicians. He gets to take his wife along on this once in a lifetime, first class opportunity. You deserve it Jamey! Thank you for your great service!


Written by Thomas Akin, MB Driver, MB Brand Specialist and 1970 National Champion Drag Racer

I have driven Mercedes-Benz diesel powered cars on and off over the last 24 years. Longevity, torque, and lower cost per mile have convinced me of its long term value. I have compared fuel cost and mileage against my gas powered, Mercedes-Benz AWD station wagon (both V-6). Diesel at its current price comes in at 9.4 cents per mile, while the gas powered engine, came in around 12.8 cents per mile. I am using current cost of fuel, and (as we’re all aware) it changes from week to week.

The no smoke or smell in the new, improved diesel engine, good availability of diesel fuel, and the extended range between fill ups, make my decision an easy one. Driving somewhere between 18,000  to 20,000 miles annually I really see the savings. The days of noise, smoke clouds, and smell are a thing of the past. From Cedar Rapids to Memphis on first tank then to Ocala, Florida on the second tank is a real advantage. However, my wife and my kidneys dictate when I need to stop. Given all the stops along the way, diesel still has a range of approximately 780-800 miles per tank of gas.

Diesel was first put into automobiles in 1936 by Mercedes-Benz. As the years progressed they were able to develop a reliable, quiet, long life application for the consumer who wished to keep a car as long as they wanted. You could drive it until you wished to get another, not because you needed to.

Talk to Tom Akin or any Mercedes-Benz Brand Specialist about Mercedes-Benz diesel options.

3.0L BlueTEC turbodiesel V-6 engine

Classic Car Ads: Merc G-Class

It’s been a while since the super bowl and people are still talking about how the automaker ads stole the show. This got us to thinking about other great ads from the past. Starting today we’re going to share some of our favorite ads for the different marques that we carry. Some are old, some are foreign, but all are classics!

Last time we featured Audi’s “Eskimo” and up next is Mercedes’ “Crash Test”.

We couldn’t find any info on when this first came out, but based on the dates of the video, it looks like early 2007. What makes it tougher is that the iconic G-class styling has barely changed over the years, so we can’t even date it by that!

In any case, this ad focuses on a just how well-built Mercedes vehicles. They even throw in some uncharacteristic humor!

Introducing Siri to your new car

We’ve had quite a few customers come in with questions on how their cars will get along with Siri, their personal assistant on the iPhone. Siri itself (herself?) was quite the breakthrough and all indications are that the car and phone will communicate seamlessly in the future. But how well do they get along now? That’s what Drew set out find out, so he grabbed his iPhone 4S and went car-by-car to find out all he could do with Siri.

Mercedes and Audi did well, syncing through Bluetooth with no problems. Getting Siri to call someone was simple, and the call came through crystal clear. The phone books were uploaded easy enough.

Next we tried a Mazda3. Connection was surprisingly easy from the Mazda’s side. Press the button, say “Connect a phone” and we were ready to go. Unfortunately, the model we were using didn’t have an easy screen to see and didn’t download the contact list.

Surprisingly, the real winner of the brands was Volkswagen. Once connected, it was surprisingly easy to communicate with Siri and setting up Bluetooth music streaming was simple.

So what weren’t we able to get done? Sadly, this list was a little longer. Below is a list of the dreams that were dashed by Siri’s inability to get along.

  • Looking up an address and sending it to the navigation
  • Creating a new contact while on the go
  • Syncing with a car at the press of a button

Well, that’s our wish list for Apple to start working with the car makers on. If you can think of anything else, leave them in the comments below and we’ll try it!

Carousel Motors prepares to compete in the Mercedes-Benz Stars of Service Regional Semi-Finals.

The Mercedes-Benz Stars of Service Championships is a multi-level national competition sponsored by Mercedes-Benz USA to identify the technicians and service advisors best suited to demonstrate world-class knowledge, skills, and teamwork.

After winning the Local Quarter-Finals, Carousel Motors Mercedes-Benz Master Technician Jamey Mikkelson, will be one of 120 Mercedes-Benz technicians to advance to the Regional Semi-Finals.

This achievement places Jamey and the Carousel Motors Service Department in the top 2 percent of all technicians nationwide who were eligible to participate in the program. They’ve surpassed some of the best in the business by succeeding in the Local Quarter-Finals.

By getting this far in the competition, these technicians have demonstrated delivering the promise of “the best or nothing” day-in and day-out for our customers. By consistently delivering excellence in teamwork, expertise, and shared passion for Mercedes-Benz, we will continue to inspire the high standards we set in customer service. Congrats to Jamey Mikkelson!

Who would you trust your Mercedes-Benz with?

What’s In a Name: Mercedes

Ever wonder what’s with all the emblems on the back of your car and what they all mean? Why is my car’s name just a bunch of letters and numbers? Do those mean anything? Well, with this series we’re going to help you look like an car expert just by glancing at the trunk. Take a look at the picture and read this and you’ll be impressing your friends with your knowledge in no time!

We did Audi last week, so let’s do Mercedes this week. Unfortunately, Mercedes is a little more complicated and isn’t entirely consistent.

GLK350 4MATIC --> Gelaendewagen Leicht Kurz with a 3.5L engine and 4MATIC all-wheel drive

Starting with the name of the car on the top left. The letters here give you an idea of the size of the vehicle within its segment. C is smaller than an E which is smaller than an S. Of course, this is completely abandoned in the SUV segment, where a GL is larger than an ML.

C:  ??

E:  Executive

S:  Sonderklasse  (special class)

G:   Gelaendewagen (German for SUV)

M:  ??

R:  ??

SL:   Sport Leicht (sport light)

xL:   Leicht (light)

xxK:   Kurz (short)

This is a rough guide, but as in the past, Mercedes reserves the right to change their logic at any time.

After these letters comes a series of numbers, indicating the engine size in Liters. If there are three numbers, then it’s the engine size times 100 (i.e. ML350 = 3.5L engine). If there are only two numbers, that indicates an AMG model (S63 = 6.3L AMG engine).

On the right  side Mercedes shows off any extra power-train upgrades. Whether it’s a diesel, all-wheel drive, or super-charged, you can find the indication in the graphic.