Written by Thomas Akin, MB Driver, MB Brand Specialist and 1970 National Champion Drag Racer

I have driven Mercedes-Benz diesel powered cars on and off over the last 24 years. Longevity, torque, and lower cost per mile have convinced me of its long term value. I have compared fuel cost and mileage against my gas powered, Mercedes-Benz AWD station wagon (both V-6). Diesel at its current price comes in at 9.4 cents per mile, while the gas powered engine, came in around 12.8 cents per mile. I am using current cost of fuel, and (as we’re all aware) it changes from week to week.

The no smoke or smell in the new, improved diesel engine, good availability of diesel fuel, and the extended range between fill ups, make my decision an easy one. Driving somewhere between 18,000  to 20,000 miles annually I really see the savings. The days of noise, smoke clouds, and smell are a thing of the past. From Cedar Rapids to Memphis on first tank then to Ocala, Florida on the second tank is a real advantage. However, my wife and my kidneys dictate when I need to stop. Given all the stops along the way, diesel still has a range of approximately 780-800 miles per tank of gas.

Diesel was first put into automobiles in 1936 by Mercedes-Benz. As the years progressed they were able to develop a reliable, quiet, long life application for the consumer who wished to keep a car as long as they wanted. You could drive it until you wished to get another, not because you needed to.

Talk to Tom Akin or any Mercedes-Benz Brand Specialist about Mercedes-Benz diesel options.

3.0L BlueTEC turbodiesel V-6 engine

Wondering if our 2013 SKYACTIV® Mazda CX-5 will meet your practical CUV needs, yet still offer the driving experience you’ve come to expect from Mazda?

Check out The Auto Channel‘s recent review for some helpful insight!

Some of our favorite quotes:

“The Mazda CX-5 compact sport utility is the kind of vehicle that will do what you want it to do with a minimum of fuss and bother.”

“We averaged more than 40 mpg on our trip that consisted primarily of highways… We averaged 33.1 mpg overall after we added a lot of local driving to the regimen. All this from a vehicle that has 34.1 cubic feet of cargo capacity and 65.4 cubic feet with the rear seat backs folded.”

The CX-5 is well-equipped, with power windows and door locks, keyless entry, a pushbutton start/stop and a good audio system. On our trip (and around town) we appreciated the ride quality of the CX-5.”

Reviews and Testimonials on Carousel Motors

We LOVE our clients and we love it when they LOVE us back!

Our salesperson, Ryan Galey, was outstanding! He was courteous, professional, and provided excellent customer service without being phony or pushy. Additionally, Harvey Ireland, the gentleman who handled our financial paperwork, was likewise courteous, professional, and efficient. My wife and I are very satisfied with the service we received and we absolutely love our new 2012 Volkswagen Passat. 10’s across the board for Ryan and Harvey of Carousel Motors, Iowa City!

– Robert, Iowa City

“Sonny” Sanel Dzafic, was superb! He was particularly effective when talking with my 18 year old daughter about our car choice-the Jetta. He carefully listened to her concerns and treated her with care and respect. She certainly appreciated her interactions with Mr. Dzafic and was confident in her final choice of a stunning red Jetta!

– Laura Suchanek

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great job that Nathan Guillaume did the other day helping me to learn about the new Mazda CX-5.  I stopped by over my lunch hour and Nathan was able to show me all the features of the vehicle.   I even had time for a quick test drive.

Unlike many car salesmen I’ve interacted with recently Nathan was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and did not put undue pressure on me to buy a vehicle that day (although he offered to make that a possibility.)  I can’t remember a time recently when I have been treated this well at a car dealership.

I confess that after meeting with most car salesmen I “file” their card in my trashcan but rest assured I have saved Nathan’s card and will contact him again for an appointment to drive the vehicle once more before making a purchase decision.

– Mark H.

A Super-Saving Superstar: Passat TDI gets 45 mpg in Challenge

Passat TDI gets 45 mpg in challenge

As phrases go, “true shocker” just begs for additional context. If it’s a reference to your kid’s report card or the latest reading on your bathroom scale, the news could go either way. So when the automotive experts at referred to the 2012 Volkswagen Passat TDI as a “true shocker,” we just had to find out more.

The shock, as it turns out, was that the 2012 Volkswagen Passat, the largest car in’s 40-MPG Challenge, outperformed smaller competition like the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic Turbo and the 2012 Hyundai Veloster. In fact, the American-made Passat took top honors, managing an “incredible” 45 mpg average between city and highway. Even in city driving, it averaged an impressive 43 mpg, while on the interstate portion of the test, it scored a whopping 51.7 mpg. That’s the kind of shock we can get used to.

In all, six cars—also including the Kia Rio 5, Mazda 3 and Ford Focus—were tested on a 700-mile stretch of road that runs from Fontana, California to Las Vegas, Nevada—right through Death Valley. Like all the vehicles in our TDI line, the Passat TDI runs on clean diesel fuel and emits 95% less sooty emissions than diesels of days gone by. But with TDI, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for fuel economy. In fact, the added low-end torque of TDI technology adds some serious pep, whether you’re crossing Death Valley or going across town. Either way, you may be shocked by how fun—and fuel-efficient—a TDI can be (although we prefer the phrase “pleasantly surprised”).

Carousel Motors Receives it’s 10th Audi Magna Society Award for Outstanding Customer Service and Business Performance.

As a 2011 Magna Society award winner, Carousel Motors has been recognized as one of the 106 top Audi dealerships in the United States and a leader in a year that saw the premium car brand achieve record nationwide sales of 117,561 vehicles.

“We are the only dealer in North America who has received this award for the tenth time. We’ve had considerable competition as the qualifying dealers has gone from 20 to 106. The award recognizes excellence for both our people and our processes. I’m so proud of our staff for their consistency of a high standard of excellence.” say Pat Lind, General Manager of Carousel Motors.

The Magna Society acknowledges Audi dealers that deliver exceptional customer service, maintain strong sales and demonstrate excellence in all areas of business. This honor is bestowed upon dealerships that exemplify the attention to detail and progressive attributes that distinguish the Audi brand.

“Premium performance car buyers expect the Audi brand experience to match their high expectations elsewhere,” said Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America. “With the Magna Society award, we celebrate the success of our best dealers to exceed those expectations and delight these discriminating customers.”

2012 Audi A7 makes 2011 MSN Autos Editors’ Choice Awards

Staff of MSN Auto shares it’s 2011 Editors’ Choice Awards:

This large hatchback could be the most attractive Audi on the road today. Its silhouette is long, wide and low, with clean lines all the way around. Its performance is as pleasing as its looks. The vehicle glides over uneven roads with far more grace than ever before, and with none of the harshness that characterizes many other Audi models. Inside, the A7 is opulent, yet not overly so. “The Audi A7 is just so … beautiful,” says Chuck Tannert, MSN Autos contributing editor. “It elegantly bridges the divide between sports car and luxury car better than just about any vehicle I’ve been in.”

Read the full story and see the other vehicles.

Review and Testimonial for Carousel Motors

We are always excited to hear praise from our clients, we take our reviews and survey results very seriously. We would love the opportunity to serve you and your referrals as well. For now, please read on about another happy Carousel Motors client.

Nathan did a great job with our sale. We came from 2 hours away after using the internet to communicate over the week. He went out of the way to accommodate us on a Saturday so we could have time to get there. He was very knowledgeable, not just about my new car, but my old one as well, and taught me things I had never known about my old car. The finance guy, Harvey, listened to our concerns and met all of our needs with flying colors. I can honestly say it is the first time I have ever bought a vehicle and not left angry with the dealer. This is the first time and only place I would ever recommend to a friend…a dealer and salesperson to return to! You are much more friendly and helpful then our dealer in Des Moines, that is only 20 minutes away. Special thanks to Nathan who worked this all over the email and had everything ready when we showed up on a Saturday to only spend a few hours there. We were there at 3:00 and home by 7:00 (with a two hour drive). Awesome job by Carousel Motors! I am impressed!

 – Shawn Wolfe